AWA FLASH Update October 2010

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Greetings from Cote d'Ivoire Dear Praying Friends,

As our own American season of elections takes place this week, we ask that everyone breathe prayers for the people of Cote d’Ivoire as well. This beloved country, where we have serving for the past ten years and Free Will Baptists have labored for over fifty, has been a country in crisis since 1999. This will be the first time in nearly a decade that they have been able to have an election. This time has been filled with war, insecurity, injustices, and many atrocities – with this election many are hoping to put this phase of their history behind them.

It promises to be a process of weeks, even months. As the new American ambassador stated Thursday, the hope is for transparent elections and functional governance to return here. The country is easily capable of experiencing double-digit economic growth in the coming years and so enjoy some blessings that God allows all who work. Thankfully, it seems that the process began mostly in peace today, Sunday, October 31st.

Pray that today's results are processed smoothly and peacefully by the electoral commission for the 14 presidential candidates. There's a tight media blackout on reporting the results. No predictive reporting of the election process is allowed without risk of being highly fined and possibly imprisoned. The electoral commission anticipates releasing the initial results either Tuesday or Wednesday of this week.

Pray that once the results are announced, that the candidates and their supporters will accept the result without lashing out against each other.

Pray , most importantly, that regardless the outcome, God would continue drawing the Ivorian people to Himself so that His name can be exalted and blessed in spirit and truth here.

Verlin cancelled a planned visit of Oct 29-31 to a church in the Northern Association due to car damage experienced during a visit to another remote church region last week. We trust the Lord to also resolve that need this week to make possible this weekend’s visit and that which has been rescheduled for Nov 12-14 prior to a Nov 15 meeting concerning construction of a house on the Bouna Bible institute property.

Thank you for offering to God your sacrifice of prayer on the behalf of this people. A summary of election news here can be read at the following site:

In Mutual Service for Christ,
Verlin, Debbie, and Corbin Anderson

Ministry Update from 10/13/2010

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Thank you for choosing to open and read this! We never forget that there are MANY worthy ministries you could pray for or support, but you continue to invest part of yourself here, so that the fullness of Christ can permeate Cote d’Ivoire.

For some time, we have mentioned the hope that missionary friends (3 hours drive south) could visit the Doropo clinic (4 hours drive north). The Abengourou team has developed a remarkable ministry to AIDS patients through CHE (Community Health Evangelism). The Lord enabled that trip to occur in early October. Thank you, Dr. Bernie, Emmanuel,
and Pasquier for enduring the roads and sacrificing time from your busy schedules to be a huge encouragement to our Christian brothers laboring at Doropo!! Kelly (Dr. Bledsoe’s wife) and Isaac, their delightful son, stayed with Debbie while the men went north. Of course, the electricity decided to go off for those two days, but we still had a good time. Please pray that the vital information shared will enable the clinic to expand its ministry in whatever way the Lord directs.

After promising presidential elections for numerous years and then canceling them, the Ivorian government has again chosen October 31 as Election Day. It appears legitimate, this time. African elections are often fraught with the threat of violence, but Ivorians hope and pray for peaceful results in a few weeks.

Life is full of new experiences and our family has enjoyed
several recently. Cason, our elder son who graduates from Free Will Baptist College in May, 2011, has announced his engagement to Suzanne Dean. It will be a pleasure to welcome a second daughter to the family next summer!

Another recent joy in our family is the publication of the first book by Debbie’s father, Eddie Payne. This novel about creation renewed in our hearts a spirit of gratitude and awe for God, and served as a sobering reminder of the damage done when we choose to follow our way instead of His. You will never guess the interesting character who tells the story, but we won’t give away that secret ! To find out yourself, you can buy Naados and His Kin: The Beginning through Tate Publishing online.

Our beloved ministry colleague, Alice Smith, retires from Cote d’Ivoire in January, 2011, then will spend several months visiting churches in the USA. Imagine saying good-bye to a country and people you have loved and served for over 30 years. Pray for her these last few months. Pray that those around her can encourage and help in practical ways. We will miss her greatly, but have no fear of continuing here alone. To quote Deb’s dad in his book, “Life is beautiful, even with the sting!”

As always, besides regularly preaching, teaching, translating CHE lessons, home schooling, acting as field team leader and treasurer, and serving on Ivorian church national committees, the weekly activities of life provide many opportunities for us to be a blessing to someone spiritually, physically, or emotionally. How wonderful that our Savior cares about aching, swollen feet (a lesson which the women learned on Sunday from Nehemiah 9:21), as well as our eternal destiny and the cataclysmic events of the world. He is beyond compare!

Constantly in awe of Him,
Verlin, Debbie and Corbin Anderson

Prayer Points:
  • A peaceful presidential election on October 31.
  • Ministry decisions and direction for the Doropo clinic.
  • Cason and Suzanne, during their engagement and upcoming May wedding.
  • Verlin’s ‘meet & preach’ trips to 3 remote towns: Oct. 22-24, 29-31, and Nov. 5-7.
  • The women’s class in Goumere.
  • Details of Alice’s retirement from the field.
  • Serious financial needs of International Missions. Only fervent prayer and much giving before the end of 2010 will fully fund Free Will Baptist endeavors around the world. Thank you so much for what you always have done and will continue to do!

Image of road to Doropo - It is in the worst condiont that Verlin
has seen it in 12 years of traveling the road, but it's not Danané bad yet.

Doropo has a fuel station !

Doropo doctor, midwife, church pastor, hospital administrator
as Abengourou team shares God's impeccable provision.